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Online Services: Click HERE to have access to online services such as Complaints, Building and Land Use Permit, Market, General Rate and E-Payment Facility for Trade Fee through the Local Authorities' Portal Please note that user registration is required in order to make use of the online services.

Latest News:

                         1) Communiqué - E-payment Facilities for Trade Fees

                         > Registration Form for E-Payment Facilities for Trade Fees

                         2) Communiqué - Online Application for Building and Land Use Permit

                         3) Public Notification of Appointment - Click here to view appointments

                         4) Procurement Notice

                         5) Opening of Bids

                         6) Award of Procurement Notice

                         7) Registration of Potential Suppliers

                         > Registration Form of Potential Suppliers

                         > Annex to Registration Form of Potential Suppliers

                        8) Annual Report 2014

                         9) Communiqué - New Regulations on Banning of Plastic Bags

                         10) Communiqué - Amendments to the Environment Protection (Banning of Plastic Bags) Regulations 2015

                         11) Environment Protection (Banning of Plastic Bags) (Amendment) Regulations 2015

                         12) Awareness Campaign: Recycling Of Used Mobile Phones And Batteries

                         13) Campaign on Risks associated with use of Headphones & communications devices by pedestrians

                         14) Tourist Enterprise Licence (TEL)

                         15) Form - Cessation Of Business

                         16) Form - Declaration Of Trades

                         17) List Of Trade Fees - GN 128 Of 2014


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